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Our Services

Since our launch in 1997, we have administered thousands of sweepstakes, instant-win games, contests, and rewards programs. We don't try to clumsily fit clients into an existing product that meets only our needs - our approach is to meet our clients' needs with customized solutions that help them accomplish their sales and marketing goals.


Official rules, disclaimers, copy reviews - we do it all. We manage all aspects of your promotion.


Up-to-date web and app development done quickly and hassle-free. We use modern tools, so your promotions perform well across all environments.


Prompt and efficient fulfillment ensures the good will you gained during your promotion is not wasted. From e-gift codes and prepaid-gift cards to travel arrangements and vehicle delivery, we make certain your customers are 100% satisfied.


We offer a complete range of email marketing services including design, coding, campaign sending, tracking and list management.


Surety bonds, federal tax filings, program indemnification - lean on our expertise to ensure a compliant, legal promotion.


Web promotions are hosted and served from AWS on elastic, high-capacity proprietary platforms to provide maximum uptime and eliminate latency.


A real, live, honest-to-goodness experienced crew member answers the phone or replies to your email when you contact us.


Sometimes a great design says more than 1,000 words. Allow our designers to wow your customers with thoughfully crafted and executed promotion concepts.


Verifying winners is complicated. We use our own in-house verification methods to verify each winner.

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