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We use sweepstakes, skill contests, loyalty programs, instant-win games and more to help our clients establish, strengthen, and maintain a meaningful relationship with their target audience.

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Activating Audiences Since 1997

We combine our decades of motivational marketing experience with today’s modern implementation methods to help clients in practically every industry - including retail, communications, automotive, financial, entertainment, consumer electronics, food & beverage, and more - to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their target audience.

In-Store And Online

Our approach is to meet our clients' needs with strategic customized solutions to help them accomplish their sales and marketing goals.

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Activate Your Audience
Activate Your Audience

Activate Your Audience

Perhaps your company sells consumer electronics and you need a business-to-business promotion to capture the attention of sales professionals and motivate them to sell more of your product. Or, your agency needs to provide a client a turn-key solution supporting the launch of a new service. You might be in a maturing service industry and are looking for efficient, cost-effective methods of reducing churn by rewarding your subscribers for remaining customers. Whatever action you need to motivate, we’ll provide a solution that will bolster your brand and meet your budget and timing.

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